Rihanna Describes Chris Brown Attack On GMA

Going into detail about her ex-boyfriend’s assault on her, Rihanna talked with Diane Sawyer about how their relationship became violent. The 21-year-old singer describes Chris Brown as “definitely my first big love” and explains, “The more in love we became, the more dangerous we became for each other–equally as dangerous. It was a bit of an obsession almost.”

Telling her account of what happened that evening this past February, Rihanna says that it was indeed a text message Brown received that triggered the attack. The Barbados native claimed that Brown was lying and adds, “I wouldn’t drop it.”

Shortly after being punched and bit by Chris, Rihanna says, “There was no person when I looked at him.” She goes on to say, “He had no soul in his eyes. Just blank.”

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Screenshots from Rihanna’s Good Morning America interview with Diane Sawyer.