Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Not A Couple, So Shut Up

Here’s the smokin’ hot Rihanna leaving the Grove in Los Angeles with her non-boyfriend Chris Brown. The two of them are still denying that they are together, forever. Lame! You are all over the place, seeing movies and dining together and swimming in the ocean and being all up on each other. Tell your publicists to shut the f*ck up and stop trying to squeeze every last drop of mystery out of the two of you. This is not a Jay-Z/Beyonce situation. Rihanna’s way hotter than she is, and no one will ever take the place of Jay-Z’s homely.

Enough about those two, who’s the hot bitch with the fuchsia hair attending Rihanna? She’s the real star of this piece. Is she a particularly stylish bodyguard? A woman who looks that fine and has that much hotness about her person and then knowing karate might cause me to go into multiple orgasms.

Photos: INFDaily.com