Rihanna Cheated On Former Boyfriend

In case you didn’t know this already, women can cheat just like men can. Who knew. We have 18-year-old Rihanna to thank for shedding light on this dark subject.

She explains, “It’s not anything I’m proud of, but this album is called A Girl Like Me because all of the songs are personal experiences. I felt like I had to sing about being unfaithful because there are a lot of girls who have been and are unfaithful and don’t want to say it. But, hello, it’s reality. We always talk about the guys being unfaithful dogs, but people forget that girls cheat too!”

She wrote the song “Unfaithful” to showcase this phenomenon.

Cheating Rihanna Inspired Chart-Topper [Starpulse]

Written by Lauren Burch

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