Rihanna Braves Heat Like The Aztecs

Rihanna knows how what to do to try and keep cool during a New York Summer: wear a purple Aztec-print playsuit. While spending the day relaxing on the rooftop of the private Soho House, Rihanna looked absolutely fabulous in her purple garment.

She was also sporting a pair of bejeweled sandals, with a bikini underneath so she could enjoy the Soho House rooftop pool.

It was recently revealed by Forbes magazine that Rihanna earns more that $10 million are year from her albums, tours, and endorsements. I’d say that’s kinda amazing for who only popped up on the scene about until 3 years ago.

Rihanna definitely seems to be enjoying her time in New York, where she was recently seen partying it up at karaoke bar.

She may want to watch out though, just the other night, Chris Brown was photographed in his car outside of the restaurant she was eating at. I mean, unless they’re getting back together. Ooo, that can’t be good.

Gallery Info: Rihanna keeping cool in New York in fabulous purple ensemble.