Rihanna and Matt Kemp Grab The New iPhone (And Each Other)

Thank goodness there are people like Rihanna and Dodger’s boyfriend Matt Kemp to remind us that we are but mere mortals. While hundreds of people lined up yesterday to get the new iPhone 4, Kemp and Rihanna breezed into a Westwood, Los Angeles phone store and simply upgraded his old iPhone for the hot new model (Rihanna rocks the B-Berry, in case you were wondering).

In other news, the two looked totally in love with Rihanna and her red hair (I’m personally feeling the Little Mermaid look) cuddling up to her man while he waited at the counter.

“He had his arm wrapped around her the whole time
and she kept giving him hugs. They looked like such a cute couple,” an eyewitness said.

The two have been separated for over two months while Rihanna embarked on her ‘Last Girl On Earth’ tour and now the two have been inseparable. Let’s just hope now that Matt has his new iPhone he won’t be inseparable from IT instead!