Rihanna Gets Raunchy

February 28th, 2008 // 9 Comments

Hmm, I’m…..gonna say no to this one. Nope. Not working for me. I know she can’t dance (this year’s Grammys) but she’s gorgeous and has some hot tracks so there’s no need for this bullshit outfit. It’s not the most flattering thing ever. She looks ready to pop. Real S&M folks are in their dungeons wondering why this one is jacking their swagger.

Here’s Rihanna working her pelvis in a PVC dominatrix outfit at a performance in Dublin. This might have caused the Irish to drink more. And those earrings don’t match the rest of the bondage stuff! Rihanna performed in Dublin post-Barbados getaway with downlow bf Chris Brown. Is he into this?

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Photos: Getty Images

By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    People always use sex when they’re trying to pull themselves up from mediocrity. I don’t get it. It just makes them look both mediocre AND desperate!

  2. say what?

    interesting…would you say the same for Britney’s entire career?

  3. T-Bone

    I’d say celebrities in general, say what. If they’re truly good at what they do, they don’t really need to go that route. But at least Britney was entertaining to watch. Rihanna is boring — and she knows it, which is why she’s pulling out outfits like this one. Too bad, really.

  4. say what?

    uh…your bias is showing.

    Britney’s worn outfits that rival this one, so how does that make her look any less “mediocre and desperate”?

    and who’s to say who’s more “entertaining to watch”? I think some Rihanna fans might disagree. It’s all subjective.

  5. Sunshy

    Have any of you ever thought that maybe Rihanna is secretely into S&M and that’s her subtle way to show the world without getting TOO much backlash from all the narrow minded and judgmental people out there.

    Have you ever thought that maybe she’s just bankingin on a fad, S&M has become very popular lately thanks to Ms. Dita von Teese.

    I don’t care why, people will do whatever they want and they have every right to.

    I’ve seen Britney, Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani amongst many many other artists doning similar fetishy type get-ups. I don’t hear anyone else harping on THEM.

    I don’t care what she wears or why she wears it at least she’s got the balls to do as she pleases whether we like it or not.

    I must say I nearly melted in a puddle when I saw those boots!!! Damn those are hot though!!!!!

  6. spaz

    why would she need to “show the world” that she’s into S&M?

  7. Chichi123

    So you are saying sex sells? Really?

  8. Billly

    who cares about all this tripe shit.
    There is nothing to argue about.
    Fact is:
    Rihanna is fuckin HOT!

  9. Chris

    Ah actually she can dance but the heels and the dress she was whereing at the Grammy’s screwed her up. and really there’s very few people in the world except for porn stars that can dance in high heels really good. and If you don’t like her why do you look her up or read anything about her. you stupid haters!!!

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