Rihanna, Xzibit, Wesley Jonathan And More Join Chris Brown For Qubeey Channel Launch Event [PHOTOS]

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It was an eventful celebration in Beverly Hills last night. Chris Brown and some of his closest Hollywood friends came out to celebrate the launch of Qubeey.

Qubeey, which is pronounce “Q B,” is a new browser-less communications platform that integrates multiple online social outlets into one interactive cube. Yes, folks, I said cube. It’s no laughing matter either. I think this is the next big hit!

The launch was held at a beautiful mansion with a breathtaking view… of Chris Brown. Hottie alert! And the view of the city wasn’t so bad either.

Qubeey was definitely the talk of the night. Qubeey insight filled the blue carpet, Qubeey girls dressed in all-blue body suits were partying the night away, and Qubeey personalized flip book photos were provided for guests, which was my personal fave.

The latest jams were played with people getting their groove on all over the dance floor and snacking on some delicious gourmet h’orderves (and a cocktail or two).

Whether it was for Qubeey, Chris Brown or both, stars were excited to cheers to the night, even big time rapper Xzibit.

I’m friends with Chris. I like what he’s done. I like what he’s become. And I support him… I’m also here with Qubeey checking out the new platform that they introduced… I’m always interested in new social media. So that’s why I’m here.

Wesley Jonathan, former star of City Guys and What I Like About You and currently on The Soul Man, was excited to be part of the Qubeey celebration. It must’ve been a nice way to take a break from filming for this busy man!

We finished our 13th episode of our first season. We’re waiting for our 2nd season to pick up. TV Land is running it and BET picked it up, so it’s running off there every Tuesday at 10:30pm.

It’s good to see stars supporting other stars aside from their hectic lives. He didn’t forget the launch man himself, Chris Brown.

I’ve always loved his music. I like his R&B stuff. His dance stuff. The vibe. Cool.

Other stars spotted throughout the night included Annie Ilonzeh, Tanika Ray, Arma, Jay Ellis, Brandon T. Jackson, Rashad McCants, Qubeey contest winners, and Rihanna.

Wait what? Rihanna came to support ex-boyfriend’s event? Honestly, who knows what’s going on between the two, but it sure seems as if things are going well for the “friends.”

Check out the gallery to see the stars getting their Qubeey on and let us know what you think about the Qubeey night in the comments below!

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