Rihanna Wears Some Very Short Shorts, Celebrates Her Favourite Holiday

Drake and Rihanna...
go out together in London.
Rihanna is definitely not shy when it comes to her style, and this weekend she very well proved that! Yesterday, the 26-year-old was spotted in some very short shorts while doing some shopping in L.A.

The singer also had some fun over the weekend celebrating her favourite holiday. No not easter, but 4/20! She hit the beach with her BFF Melissa Forde to celebrate marijuana-smoking day, all the while flashing her boobs in a see-through swimsuit.

RiRi absolutely loves her marijuana! 

She posted some photos on Instagram, some which included her exposing plenty of skin. She even went all out by wearing marijuana shaped nipple pasties! She also posted a picture of her and Melissa smoking with the caption that read: “I’ll be here every 420. Just me and my @mdollas11 #420.”

Cute? What do you think of Rihanna’s love for pot? Share your thoughts in comments.