Rihanna Wants To Find Katy Perry A Man

Rihanna At The Brits
The winner got crazy backstage.
Katy's Giant Flower
Katy wears quite the bizarre head piece.
Talk about being a fabulous friend. Looks like Rihanna is determined to find Katy Perry a new man. According to sources, Rihanna doesn’t want to see Katy being single and has offered to start setting her up. I don’t know if being set up by Rihanna is the best idea. I mean, girl just did a song with her abusive ex-boyfriend.  

All in all, I don’t know much Katy needs Rihanna’s help. She had that little fling with her football player, she seems to be paryting every night–as long as she’s good with Russell Brand wanting to date her twin, I’d say Katy is doing fine. 

Although, seeing who Rihanna would set her up with would be super funny. Maybe it’ll be one of Rihanna’s adoring fans who had her sign stuff in London (check out the gallery!). Hmm, but maybe a Rihanna fan won’t want Katy. What do you guys think of the plan? Does Katy need help or can she find her own menfolk?