Rihanna Vacations With Magic Johnson In France [PHOTOS]

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Rihanna and her friends entertained Magic Johnson on a private yacht she is renting in Saint Tropez. The 24-year-old singer invited the former Laker’s star, and current Dodger’s owner, aboard the yacht for some fun in the sun. The two were photographed greeting each other like old friends with hugs on the July 21 visit.

Johnson didn’t stay long, but had a wonderful time with Rihanna and her friends. Of the day, Johnson tweeted “We had a great time hanging with @Rihanna & her friends on her yacht.” To which Rihanna replied with an excited “We did too! Thank you”

Rumors that Drake might be joining the singer on the yacht have been swirling. However, it looks like Rihanna is having a fabulous time without him, she is seen laughing and joking with friends and crew.

The Daily Mail has been following the singer’s whereabouts via Twitter and reports that the Barbados-native has been partying it up on and off the yacht. She and her girlfriends hit the clubs by night, and soak up the sun by day. Rihanna is not one to shy away form the camera, and she continues to provide a bevy of bikini-clad pictures of herself and her friends from the trip via her Twitter page.