Rihanna Topless Photos Posted To Her Own Facebook Page [PHOTOS]

Rihanna's Bikini Bod!
Rihanna flaunts what she's got!
Shocking! Not!

Pop singer Rihanna has posted a massive number of photos from her January Hawaiian vacation on her own Facebook page. One of them is a topless photo of the singer. The girl sure does now how to get people to like her page.

The photos are taken as if she’s posing for a photo shoot, in which she is. It is really a photo shoot for the fans. At times it looks as if she’s shooting something for Cinemax late night.

In March, Rihanna told Us Weekly how she maintains her amazing bikini body. “I don’t really have a workout routine. I’m very inconsistent when it comes to actually working out, but I find other things to do that are active, like dancing,” she said. “I love swimming — anything in the ocean. That’s very, very good for your body.”

Launch the gallery to check out some of the best of the photos Rihanna posted.

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