Rihanna & The Case Of The Bizarre Outfit [PHOTOS]

February 29th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Well, I guess we should actually call this Rihanna & The Cast of the Bizarre Outfit Part 5,398. Cause seriously, it feels like all Rihanna does is wear bizarre outfits. And occasionally have rumors swirling that she might play Whitney Houston

Rihanna was spotted in London today wearing what can only be described as white trash chic. She had on some weird spike studded shorts, a denim shirt, which of course she tied, another denim shirt tied around her waste (I can only assume it’s for when she spills food on her other one), an old school baseball cap and finally a pair of epic, thigh high boots. Like seriously, how do those boots work with this outfit at all?

Launch the gallery to check all the photo and tell me if you think it’s as ridiculous as I do. Really though, we should stop trying to expect anything normal from Rihanna. Again, this is the girl who is getting super close to her abusive ex-boyfriend. Oh RiRi, when will you learn? 

By Sabba Rahbar

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