Rihanna Tells Oprah She Will Always Love Chris Brown, They’ve Maintained ‘A Very Close Friendship’ [VIDEO]

Oprah and Rihanna’s interview finally aired  last night, though some footage was leaked last week.

No matter, their talk was still intense.  When Her Serene Oprahness finally got around to asking about Chris Brown, we all got real close to telly.

”It was embarrassing, humiliating, hurtful,” Rihanna said of the night back in 2009 when Brown physically abused her in LA’s Hancock Park neighborhood.. “I lost my best friend.”

“I was more concerned about him,” Rihanna said of the aftermath, much to everyone’s surprise.  “We have maintained a very close friendship ever since the restraining order was dropped.”  She told Oprah that she was able to forgive Brown, like her did her father (who abused her mother), and that it was her personal decision to get past the abuse, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s awkward because I still love him.”

Just like she did in the old days, Oprah offered soothing words.  “You forgiving him does not mean that you are weak or that you are a victim,” she told Rihanna, who confirmed that she and Brown partied together in the South of France last month (it reminded us a little of these photos of C&R in Paris back in March 2008).

A tear-stained Rihanna admitted that she thinks Brown “was the love of” her life.

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