Rihanna Supports Chris Brown In Court For Probation Progress Hearing [PHOTOS]

Chris Brown
The singer performed back in October 2009.
Rihanna showed up to support ex/current boyfriend Chris Brown at a Los Angeles court today (February 6th), where he appeared for a probation progress hearing stemming from his 2009 assault on the singer.

New York Daily News reports that Rihanna sat with Brown’s mother in the front row as a judge ordered an investigation into allegations that Brown did not complete community service.

Prosecutors asked the judge to order Brown to repeat all 180 days of service originally sentenced, but Brown’s team insists that he completed his work in Virginia.

A filing from LA County’s DA office claims that there were “significant discrepancies indicating at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting” regarding Brown’s community service sentence. 

“I’m not revoking the probation,” Judge James Brandlin said.  Brown would have to instead submit an interview with probation officials.

Brown’s next hearing is April 5th.

TMZ reports that Rihanna blew her man a kiss when he entered the court room.  Of course she did.