Rihanna Shows Some Tush, Gives The Finger For Terry Richardson [PHOTOS]

Rihanna at the Met Ball 2012.
Rihanna looked stunning in a gown by Tom Ford.
I seriously think Rihanna and photographer Terry Richardson are a match made in heaven? They do love to sleaze things up.

In a new series of photos posted on Terry Richardson’s blog, Rihanna is featured wearing some very short shorts, wearing a knotted t-shirt and some heels. The singer poses seductively for the camera, hiking up the back of her shorts to show off her buns.

She also gives a come hither look while he thumb is partially in her mouth. Predictably in one photo she’s giving the finger while grasping her crotch.

Do these photos turn you on, or are you completely bored with sexy Rihanna now? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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