Rihanna Shows Off Some Skin, Enjoys The Masquerade

Well, talk about a crazy outfit. Rihanna was spotted today in Barbados at the Kadoomant Day Parade. According to Mail Online, Rihanna was taking in part in the last part of the festival at the Masquerade Bands. But really, we all know all we wanna talk about is what Rihanna is wearing, so let’s get to that.

PHOTOS: Rihanna Forgets to Put on Pants

OMG! What is she wearing??? OK, I guess I can’t judge it too harshly since it is a carnival outfit, but still! I swear it looks like we’re gonna have some nipple slippage at any moment. Also, I love the fact that she’s wearing boots, probably for the comfort factor. But seriously, how is anyone comfortable in that outfit?

Rihanna no longer has her Koolaid red hair, but she doesn’t need it cause those feathers do the job for her. She looks to be having a fantastic time though. She sipped some drank, danced inappropriately with a random stranger and had a blast on her float. Make sure to check out all the photos from the event. It’s kinda bizarre watching Rihanna among the crowds. What do you guys think of the outfit? Too red? Not red enough? Write it out in the comments.