Rihanna Has A Sex Tape?

August 25th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

Oh, Na, Na…What’s her name?

Not that our gallery photos of Rihanna seductively licking that ice cream cone in Portofino, Italy yesterday makes us any less interested if the sex tape rumors are true or not!

Photos: Rihanna Drinks & Dances On A Yacht in Blue Bikini. Be Jealous.

Hustler, the raunch adult company, are claiming they’ve got a tape of Ri-Ri figuring out the square root of 69 with rapper, J. Cole (who opened on her tour this year). The Hustler rep says,

“We”ve seen the tape and aren’t sure what we’re gonna do with it yet.”

Come on now! You can’t drop a juicy tidbit like that and then play coy on whether you’re gonna distribute it or not!


Obvi, both Rihanna and J’s peeps aren’t releasing any official statements denying Hustler’s claim. But it’s not like we haven’t see all her goodies already. What do you think, Socialites? Is Ri-Ri the type to make a sex tape?

By Priscilla Rios

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