Rihanna & Ryan Phillippe Have Been Reportedly Been Hooking Up For Months

February 23rd, 2011 // 4 Comments

Say What? We reported last week that Ryan Phillppe, seen here back in August of last year on a movie set, had been putting the moves on Rihanna earlier this month. Now, US Weekly is reporting that the pair has been hooking up for months.

Apparently, the night of the Gucci/Roc Nation brunch in L.A. on February 12, the two had sex, according to an insider. This wasn’t the first time that it happened.

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“They initially hooked up when things were strained with [Rihanna's ex] Matt Kemp back in early December,” says a Rihanna source.

They reconnected at Bing’s Two Kings charity event Feb. 19 — though again, they played it cool. “There was no PDA,” says an attendee of the Los Angeles party. The next day, he went to her 23rd birthday party at a Beverly Hills home. Says an onlooker, “They hung out a bit, but were discreet. It is still very casual.” Sums up another source, “Clearly they’re keeping it on the downlow!”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Pats

    You need to get your story straight and stick with it. Wasn’t it just a few days ago you and almost every site were reporting that Rhianna gave Ryan the brush off? So which is it? She’s sleeping him or she’s not seeing him. Whoever the “sources” for these stories are, they clearly are talking out of their asses.

  2. j

    yeah right! He WISHES he was hooking up with Riri!!!

  3. Nyla

    OMG! Riri now lay with the whole world? First Ryan, then Colin and even Justin Bieber?? Please ….. I’m a fan of Ryan and to this day never left any rumor that he and Riri had been together since December sometime today.

    So we invent things more believable.

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