Rihanna Parties At Greystone Manor For Halloween, Chris Brown Joins Her In Horrible Costume [PHOTOS]

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Rihanna and Chris Brown can’t seem to get away from the spotlight. Even after letting a few years slip in between the big controversy that went down between the two artists, you’d think that they’d bask in the fact that the drama had died down a bit.

Nope, guess again! The two continue to be spotted together out and about, and Halloween was no exception. They partied the night away as she hosted her very own Halloween party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood last night. Excuse me, where was my invite?

Unlike other celebrities who went all out for this year’s costume festivities, Rihanna took the easy way out for her costume. At least that’s what I think.

She sported an all-black ensemble accessorized with a crown and key and called herself “Queen of the West.” Sooo creative. (Catch the sarcasm?) Well, when it comes down to it, her “costume” wasn’t all too bad, and was actually pretty good when compared to her maybe/maybe-not boyfriend Chris Brown.

He, of course, graced the party with his presence — and his controversial costume. Alongside four other friends, Brown dressed up as a supposed terrorist all decked out in a turban, bullet belt and a full-on gown (or whatever it’s called). Really now?

E! News would probably be quick to agree that Brown didn’t give a s*!$ about what people had to say. Huff Post reported though, that Mama Brown was quick to defend her baby cub. She tweeted a little something for the world to see.


I guess there’s more to just the costumes. There’s the scaring, the trick-or-treating, and the parties too!

Browse the gallery for a look at Rihanna’s ‘Queen of the West’ costume and let us know what you think about how well she rocked it. Was Chris’ costume too much or just right?

Ready, set, go!