Rihanna Needs To Prepare For “Birthday Cake” Backlash [PHOTOS & MUSIC]

February 20th, 2012 // 1 Comment

My friends over at Celebuzz advised me to take a listen to Rihanna‘s new single, “Birthday Cake,” which was nothing short of vile.  Not only that, but former boyfriend-who-gave-her-a-black-eye-and-choked-her Chris Brown is featured on the track.  

Isn’t that great?!  Judging by both parties’ Twitter interactions of late, things might be on the up-and-up.  This does not sit well with Rihanna fans, some of whom took to the social media site to lash out at her.

One user attached a twitpic of the infamous photo TMZ obtained after Rihanna was beaten with the following message: “Dear @rihanna – Print this out, tape it 2 ur fridge. If a man did this 2 me I wouldn’t be making music w him 3 years on.”

“Come and put ya name on it!!!!! ” Rihanna responded to Brown’s earlier tweet about the single:   ”YIKES!!! Cake, cake, cake!”

Another gem was Brown’s birthday tweet to his beloved: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!” (the singer’s real name is Robyn Fenty).

Take a listen to the track after the jump.  And we want to know what you think about the song and Rihanna’s interaction with Brown.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Ryan

    I don’t think she gets what a shitstorm she’s unleashing. Chris Brown is the definition of an abuser and she’s acting like some sort of doormat housewife from the 1950′s.

    This situation is tragic and gross.

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