Rihanna Needs To Prepare For “Birthday Cake” Backlash [PHOTOS & MUSIC]

Rihanna In Barbados
The singer got raunchy during her concert.
London Fashion Week
Rihanna at Stella McCartney's presentation.
Rihanna Rides The Tube
The birthday girl goes underground in London.
My friends over at Celebuzz advised me to take a listen to Rihanna’s new single, “Birthday Cake,” which was nothing short of vile.  Not only that, but former boyfriend-who-gave-her-a-black-eye-and-choked-her Chris Brown is featured on the track.  

Isn’t that great?!  Judging by both parties’ Twitter interactions of late, things might be on the up-and-up.  This does not sit well with Rihanna fans, some of whom took to the social media site to lash out at her.

One user attached a twitpic of the infamous photo TMZ obtained after Rihanna was beaten with the following message: “Dear @rihanna – Print this out, tape it 2 ur fridge. If a man did this 2 me I wouldn’t be making music w him 3 years on.”

“Come and put ya name on it!!!!! ” Rihanna responded to Brown’s earlier tweet about the single:   “YIKES!!! Cake, cake, cake!”

Another gem was Brown’s birthday tweet to his beloved: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!” (the singer’s real name is Robyn Fenty).

Take a listen to the track after the jump.  And we want to know what you think about the song and Rihanna’s interaction with Brown.

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