Rihanna Is Ready For The Cold, Not Ashamed Of Her Expensive Gifts From Designers

December 12th, 2013 // 1 Comment
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Can we all just stop for a minute and discuss how much I want Rihanna‘s winter coat. It’s so cute. And it looks so, so warm. And right now I am so, so cold. (Why do they insist on having the air conditioning on all year round?) Anyway Rihanna, loving the winter look.

So, if you follow the songstress on Instagram then you’ve seen all the pictures she’s posted the past few days of her free holiday gifts from designers. Here’s a recap if you need it. While I think they’re fun to look at, some fans were less amused.

After Rihanna posted a photo of a Versace bag she was gifted, one of her fans commented on the picture saying, “There’s people out their [sic] dying and you are taking pics of your good new things. Help and give to people who never owned a Prada bag. If you love your fans, help them too. It’s all because of us you making your damn money. What do we get? Nothing.”

Wait, is the girl asking for Rihanna to give them free things too? I’m confused. Rihanna was not amused by the comment, and a few minutes later commented herself with, “My Prada shoes that I spent nothing on can’t stop anyone from dying. However, the $100,000 I just sent to the Philippines will.” Rihanna’s got a good point there.

Good points all around! So what are your thoughts on the subject? I figure if the fans don’t want to see the photos, don’t follow her. You know what you’re getting with Rihanna. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

By Sabba Rahbar

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