Rihanna Holds On To Her Bandana’d Boobs In Ireland [PHOTOS]

September 26th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Rihanna shot a music video for her new single on Bangor field in County Down, Ireland today (September 26th) wearing a bandana bikini and country garb (“she could be a farmer in those clothes”).  The BBC reports that traffic was backed up today as drivers tried to get a glimpse of the pop star, who was really getting into the whole “I’m in a wide open field, so I’m gonna just let it all hang out!”

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Locals and schoolchildren stood by and took pictures with their phones.  One Irish fan even tweeted, “Omg!!!! Its on the news that all roads to where @Rihanna is filming are all blocked with traffic due to people wanting to see her!!!! Ahhh!”

By Kelly Lynch

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