Rihanna Hit 40 Million Facebook Fans

Ri Ri excitedly tweeted “40 Mil! 1 LOVE RihannaNavy” because she hit the 40 Million fan mark on Facebook. Eminem has 42 million fans and is currently the most liked celebrity on the social networking site. Lady Gaga is the runner up with a little over 40 million fans.

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Before his passing, Michael Jackson was just shy of the 40 million mark. Other popular celebrities like Justin Bieber has only 21 million fans, Katy Perry has 19 million fans and Miley Cyrus has 11 million fans. Team Bieber needs to step up their game. Bieber fans are slacking.

Way to go Rihanna you’ll gain more fans just keep making those hits, shaking those hips and starting more trends.