Rihanna & Her Plunging Neckline Give Us A Peek At Her Under-Boob Tattoo

Rihanna's Fashion Oops
The singer shows off more than her talent in a white tank top.
Well Rihanna was definitely giving the world quite an eyeful last night.

The recently singled star hit New York City last night (May 8) to enjoy a night on the town and some air for her boobs. Seriously, that is one incredibly plunging neckline.

In fact, it’s so plunging that we’re getting a really good view of Rihanna’s under-boob tattoo. I’ve gotta say, her outfit is actually pretty adorable. The skirt is a gorgeous color and I’m loving the structure of it. Even the shirt is super cute, if a little revealing. 

Well, it is Rihanna so revealing isn’t really a problem. It’s like she’s taking turns showing of different parts of her body. We’ve got under-boob today, a few weeks back we got a view of her abs–it just remains to be seen what we’ll get next.

If I were you, I’d keep an eye on her Twitter. She loves posting all sorts of shots there. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Rihanna’s cute outfit and under-boob tattoo.