Rihanna Goes Sexy For Complex Magazine, Talks Selfies & Chris Brown

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Rihanna Envy
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Just like the title of her new album, Rihanna is “Unapologetic.” Oh! See what I did there?

The superstar singer recently sat down with Complex Magazine to not only show off her hot bod on seven different magazine covers (check them all out in the gallery) but also to talk about life. Life for Rihanna currently involves Instagramming selfies and her non-relationship relationship with Chris Brown.

Anyone who has checked out one of our Celebrity Twitter Pic Sundays knows that Rihanna really loves taking photos of herself. How best to achieve said photo? “Get a good light. Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day. If it’s boobs, make sure you hit that. If it’s face, make sure it’s fierce.” If the queen of selfies says it, it must be true. So what did she have to say about Chris?

The two recently made headlines when they got super cuddly at a Lakers game, so are they back on? Well, as she told Complex, “It’s nobody’s business.” But here’s the thing Rihanna, you can’t release a single–in this case actually titled “Nobody’s Business”–where you and Chris sing to each other, “Always be my boy / I’ll always be your girl” and not have people be curious. Especially when you also Tweet photos of the two of you in bed!

Launch the gallery to check out all the covers from Rihanna’s Complex shoot. I’m a fan of the one with the black, leather top. So what do you guys think about Chris and Rihanna? Should we leave them alone? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

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