Rihanna Flips Off The Paparazzi, Hangs Out With Rob Kardashian [PHOTOS]

Rihanna's Fashion Oops
The singer shows off more than her talent in a white tank top.
When Rihanna doesn’t like you, she lets you know it.

The singer was spotted in Burbank this weekend hanging out with none other than Kardashian baby bro, Rob. Apparently the duo aren’t a couple, just really good friends. Although, they would be a cute couple. Plus, Rob seems like he knows how to treat a lady, which is something Rihanna might appreciate–even though she still loves the last dude who was mean to her.

Also, Rihanna flipping off the paparazzi is one the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. She clearly wasn’t having any of their bullshit and decided to make her feelings known. It must be fun having such a perfectly manicured nail giving you the finger, right paparazzi?

What do guys think about celebrities flipping off the paparazzi? Do you think they should just ignore them or is it better to get their emotions out there? It’s definitely not a new phenomenon–even Katy Perry was doing it a few weeks ago.

Check out all the photos of Rihanna and Rob in the gallery then leave us your thoughts on celebs flipping the bird in the comments.

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