Rihanna Cuddles Up With Drake At Zouk Bar & Seems To Be Enjoying Traveling With Him

Leather & Lace
So maybe Rihanna only rocked leather while shopping in NYC.
Imagine traveling to different countries and being able to have dates with your significant other there in a short period of time.

There are pros and cons to this, of course. Maybe even more so for Drake and Rihanna. A positive is that you get to experience al of these beautiful, wonderful places. However, you may not be able to spend much time there.

For this blossoming couple, I’m going to assume the worst part is the paparazzi. 

As of late, they’ve been spotted partying and enjoying each other’s company in at least four cities. The duo has been spotted in Amsterdam, Paris, and London. Most recently, they were spotted in Manchester, which is about three and a half hours north of London.

While in London, we caught a glimpse of them at Cirque le Sour. If only we could catch them out somewhere other than a restaurant or a nightclub.

Zouk Bar, which was their latest destination appeared to be an enjoyable spot. They were able to converse and smoke shisha, which is basically just hookah.

Where will we see them next? Let us know your guesses and your thoughts in the comments below!