Rihanna Cries When Speaking To Oprah About Chris Brown [VIDEO]

Rihanna Rides The Tube
The birthday girl goes underground in London.
Rihanna got candid in her interview with Oprah Winfrey for Oprah’s Next Chapter set to air next Sunday and talked about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, her career and family.

Oprah travels to Rihanna’s home island of Barbados for a rare, no holds barred conversation with the pop star about her career, her family, the recent passing of her grandmother and the price of fame.

In an emotional discussion, Rihanna reveals how she really feels about Chris Brown-and her relationship with him today.

“It was embarrassing. It was humiliating,” Rihanna says when Oprah asks about the end of her controversial relationship with Brown, who pleaded guilty to physically assaulting her in 2009. “I lost my best friend.” 

After the very public split, Rihanna admits, “I was resentful. I held a grudge. I was dark.”

Later in the interview, Oprah and Rihanna drive through Rihanna’s childhood neighborhood and meet Rihanna’s mother, Monica Fenty, for a surprise announcement.

Rihanna’s interview with Oprah airs Sunday, August 19, at 9 p.m., on OWN.