Rihanna Channels Her Inner Commoner, Goes Grocery Shopping [PHOTOS]

Rihanna In Barbados
The singer got raunchy during her concert.
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Hustler claims they have one!
OK, so not only normal people go grocery shopping, but you get what I saying. I mean, how awesome is it to be out at Whole Foods and suddenly singing superstar Rihanna is picking out canned foods right next to you? At least she didn’t try to show off her breasts in the grocery store. 

Rihanna has been very busy lately wearing strange outfits, starring in films that look horrific–all that must take a toll. But she troopers on. Maybe one day we’ll figure out how she does it, but for now we’re content with watching her. Launch the gallery to see Rihanna being normal like the rest of us. Actually, I almost wish she’d gone shopping in a crazy outfit. Imagine the stares!