Rihanna Rushes Home To Barbados For Prime Minister’s Funeral

Despite her hectic schedule, Rihanna rushed from London to Barbados for Prime Minister David Thompson’s funeral on Nov. 3. Rihanna, who was close with the country’s PM, was seen shedding tears behind her big black sunglasses and black hat.

“He was a really dear friend of mine,” Rihanna said, pictured arriving in Spain for the EMA’s just three days later. “It just sucks he didn’t have enough time to really show Barbados what he was made of and all that he could have done”

Thompson died of pancreatic cancer aged just 48 after a year-long struggle.

“It was very upsetting. I’m not good at the politics side at the moment. It terrifies me because I am so young,” Rihanna admitted. “But maybe one day in years, decades from now, I’ll get involved. I think more pop stars should care about their country and how it’s run.”

I’ll second that and say that, popstar or not, everyone should care about their country and how it’s run.