Rihanna Attends Paris Fashion Week And Deals With The Men In Her Life

Rihanna & Chris Brown
The couple celebrate her birthday in Hawaii.
All of the A list stars seem to be at Paris Fashion Week, whether watching or walking, and this favorite singer of ours is no exception.

Rihanna attended the Chanel fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, and her outfit was definitely a show stopper. The singer’s light purple dress was made up of a boxy half top, boxy skirt, and super tight waist, designed by Chanel, of course. Rihanna showed up looking good enough to walk in the show rather than just watch from the front row!

The style of the dress is exactly the same as the one Keira Knightley wore to the show, which makes sense as both were by Chanel. Rihanna’s body type seemed better suited for that type of dress than Keira’s did though. Keira’s waist is already so small that it made her look a little too skinny, where Rihanna is curvy so the dress simply made her look toned and healthy. The lighter color of Rihanna’s dress also may have helped with that, as hers was light purple and Keira’s was black.

Rihanna definitely looked hot, and it’s no wonder she’s drawing the attention of admirers. Drake and Rihanna have been getting pretty close lately, and surprisingly, Chris Brown isn’t going to beat anyone up over it.

Chris Brown reportedly said that he’s not mad at Rihanna for “banging” Drake. Real classy, Chris. He says he’s much too focused on money and success lately to really care. Hopefully this means he’ll finally leave Rihanna alone for good…we can only hope!