Rihanna And Drake Step Out Together At The Cirque Le Soir

Some celebrity couples are dead set on keeping their relationships a secret at least for a little while, much to our dismay, but if thats what this couple is going for then I have to say that they don’t seem to be trying very hard.

Rihanna and Drake emerged together and went out clubbing at the Cirque le Sour night club in London, England. I love the name of that club. I hope there are circus performers there, dancing on the bars and flying from the ceilings. Wouldn’t that be great? Celebrities get to go to the coolest places. 

Rihanna and Drake have been rumored to be seeing each other, and outings like this one only fuel the rumor mill more. Chris Brown has already given his blessing to the alleged couple (sort of, at least), so hopefully Drake is the fresh start that Rihanna needs!

Even though the club closes at 3am, Rihanna and Drake reportedly didn’t leave until 430am, and the two stars along with their entourage were the last guests to leave the club. I’m sure the staff was not a fan of them at all by the time they left. Working overtime is rough, especially until 4:30am. Yikes. Actually though, I think I would probably suck it up if the person I had to stay for was Rihanna.

Rihanna, with her quirky fashion sense, was rocking a padlock around her neck. The rest of her outfit was very tame for Rihanna, a white shirt (though the shirt didn’t have a back), tight jeans, and sneakers, so the padlock was definitely the center of focus. I’m not saying it’s not weird, but somehow she made it work. I’ll never understand how she can pull stuff like that off, but I kind of love it. Keep doing you, girl.