Rihanna Admires Justin Bieber’s Abs

November 16th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Did everyone else catch yesterday’s tweet by Rihanna that Justin Bieber was showing off his abs to the singer? Yeah, I saw it too.

She wrote: “Justin Bieber just flashed me his abs in the middle of a restaurant! Wow! He actually had a lil’ 6 pack! Sexy,lol!” – and promptly followed it up with the appropriate hash tagged response of “#beliebersplzdontkillme.”

Too late. The forces are moving. And if they aren’t, the fashion world ought to be because her latest little ensemble with that stripper hair is nasty-nast. She appeared yesterday performing for MTV in New York City.

By Justin Thompson

  1. missy lala

    lalalalallal who friggin cares about rihanna and jb?

  2. Love reading anything to do with Twilight, thanks for the post.

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