Ricky Martin Stands Up For Arabs

I applaud the effort, but Ricky Martin isn’t the person who I envisioned to take this on. Plus, would Arab youth really want Ricky Martin as their spokesperson?

He pledged Monday that he would try to change negative perceptions of Arab youth in the West.

“I promise I will become a spokesperson, if you allow me to, a spokesperson on your behalf. I will defend you and try to get rid of any stereotypes,” he told youngsters from 16 mainly Arab countries attending a youth conference. The children, aged 14 to 16, expressed concern about being labeled as “terrorists” by the West.

“I have been a victim of stereotypes.”

The last line could have been the most revealing thing that Ricky Martin said about himself. But alas no. “I come from Latin America and to some countries, we are considered ‘losers,’ drug traffickers, and that is not fair because that is generalizing.”

[via ABC News]