Ricky Martin Poses

April 19th, 2006 // 9 Comments

What possibly could Michael Musto be implying when he wrote, “the downstairs lounge rooms were more crowded than RICKY MARTIN‘s throat (when he’s eating a supersized Cuban sandwich, I mean)?”

More photos of a posing Ricky Martin, after the jump.

(Source: La Dolce Musto)

(Images via Gossip Rocks)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Maddyboy

    He is one sexy man!

  2. Menudo

    Ricky you shouldn’t be afraid to come out of the closet your exercise partner and you make such a cute couple!

  3. lola

    there’s just one thing i want to know.


    anyone who could tell me this, thanks a bunch.

  4. King Smart Ian

    His head comes to quite a point!

  5. silvarga

    “After the Jump” is blogspeak for “after you click the link below/above and your browser jumps to the main page for this entry”

    stop using all caps!!!

  6. silvarga

    When is he going to stop with the faux faux-hawk?

    I mean, I know it’s the best hairstyle he’s EVER had, but he’s had it for like 7 years now. and this time the point is so far back that it looks like he’s wearing a Hershey’s Kiss on his head (or one of those pointy German WWII millitary helmets.

    This hairstyle works best if he accessorises it with nothing but little pair of speedos.

  7. Maggie

    What’s with the dumbass pointing and all that weird hand stuff (that last picture? I mean really…)? Looks like a demented twirly top cone with that hair.

  8. hohum

    Well, it’s about bloody time.
    FINALLY! Somebody cute to feast my eyes on.


  9. wildme

    the second pic where he’s looking staight (at me of course lol)… wow, that makes me melt! I really like his new look, it’s more my kind the how he looked in 2001. I wonder if who’s dating him now?

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