Ricky Martin Frolics On The Beach

December 27th, 2005 // 24 Comments

I’d be frolicking on the beach as well if I was with this little hottie.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Yeah, he’s not gay…. right, and neither is richard simmons.

  2. Ocelot

    hhhmmmmm….. But inside sources say he is going out with Nate Berkus (sp) ….. I wonder if Nate has competition ….

  3. Reina

    Little brother Eric and the rest of the fam on his birthday..

  4. KittyLiterati

    I applaud Ricky and his companion for exemplary and proper use of the Speedo.
    Still, the vibe of these photos is very Fire Island-ish.

  5. akflave

    He’s not gay….He’s just filming a scene from Brokeback Beach. It’s getting a lot of early Oscar buzz.

  6. Ricky Martin is such a Monet. Sorry to break out the Clueless, but she is genuinely pretty to look at from a distance, but when you get up close (and she starts talking) you realize that it’s kind of messy.

  7. alicia

    the man in the photo is apparently Ricky Martin’s brother, Eric. See JustJared website for info. Eric is a lot more physically fit, look at the defintion in those abs and other muscles…ummmmmm, nice….wish i was in St. Bart’s at the Isle de france just chillin….merry christmas to all

  8. alicia

    oh, by the way, do you see that funny picture with ricky wearing the scarf/wrap over his head, they are apparently trying to light their cigarretes, they are both holding one in photo shaking the towel out…kinda funny to see them later do exercise but i work out and smoke as well, so it’s not too odd for me….

  9. KittyLiterati

    In that case, I’m going to need to confiscate young Eric and his Speedos so he’s not corrupted by his older brother’s cheesiness.

  10. Little Kimmie

    I remember seeing Ricky at a gay club in South Beach back in 2000, and thinking “Who is that guy, I know he looks familiar”. Then about 8 or 10 guys I asked said “oh, that’s Ricky Martin, he comes here occasionally.” like it was no big deal. Later, I suspected it wasn’t him, so when I saw him waiting in line at the restaurant across the street later, I asked him how many people think he’s Ricky, and he showed me his ID. I knew it then.
    Kimmie (El Portal, FL)

  11. Darina

    This is too funny.

    That boy just needs to COME OUT and get real. He’s not fooling anyone anymore. I don’t know if he realizes how transparent it is. He should just be 100% happy and 100% out, and us girls will probably be more interested in his music than ever.

    I’ve never bought his music based on his sexuality or good looks. Just his music. If he wants to prove himself as a Phenomenal artist, then he should try being real, because until the day he comes out, I’ll always feel like he’s lying to his fans!

    Darina in Salinas California

  12. karencita

    is your brother

  13. G-soos

    haha that´s a good fake… but not for a guy that know photoshop well.. hehe… i don´t care if ricky is gay or not, just giving an opinion for the people that spent time watching this stupid things ! (i got here because of an IM msg)
    greets !
    from chile !

  14. Cam

    For all thoes who claim this is his personal trainer, i find it odd that the two were soptted SMOKING CIGS on the beach… correct me if im worng bu the last time i cheacked personal trainers dont go froliking in speedos on the beach while smoking with clients… and compare the pictures that is deff not his half bro eric martin… there totally gay, and i say good for them, if i had a hot boy toy like that i would go jumping around the beach in speedos as well.. Then id take them off

  15. queer_eye

    U know something, i’d better forward this site to my gay friends ’cause i’m so excited to see what i thought, watching ricky martin playing with a man on the beach. Two delicious men like them hmmmm i can not wait to tell it to my friends.
    I KNEW IT, HE HAD TO BE GAY. My gaydar is perfect.
    PD: altough ricky martin’s friends is more beautiful.

  16. gaydar

    i know many of his friends….gay. now get over it.
    u too ricky.
    and that body? i see him at starbucks and around town.. great butt , but no shoulders. i guess i get him on off cycle days.

  17. In Da Butt

    He is so gay that Helen Keller could see this

  18. Mark

    Definitely a Metrosexual and that dude on the beach is probably his longtime boyfriend! Wonder if they get married in Massachussetts?

  19. Tiffany Hope

    I was wondering who is the third person in the photo where they are real close!!!!

    Tiffany Hope

  20. Rudra

    Forget all of this…pray the next set of pictures are without the speedos !!!!!!!!

  21. ludovic meyer

    oh, Ricky, you’re so icky, you make me sticky, with your dicky, ooohhhh Ricky. Where’s Lucy?

  22. coka31

    Y cual sería el problema si fuese gay y ese chico se su compañia de verano, ahi se da a conocer que ricky goza de la vida y de un muy buen gusto o no ?

  23. Mateus

    The hottie is an (excellent) trainer at Equinox Times Warner and hot as he is, not really sure they were intimate at all…not his boyfriend for sure…

  24. Marco

    OK…I never said too much about Ricky Martin because he had a condo in my building…one of the towers in Marina Del Rey. But now he has apparently sold it or something because he has a new house in the hills, so he is not longer part of my homeowners association and I don’t mind talking. But Mr. Martin would bring home a lot of guys and he was surprisingly open about it in our building…often had his arm around a guy. A couple of times we saw him kiss a guy in the parking lot. He clearly saw my boyfriend and I one of the times, but just waived hello.

    But this isn’t news to anyone. Before his comeback when he was the Menudo guy…or General Hospital guy…he was very cruisy at the usual LA gay gyms and didn’t try to hide his sexuality. There are tons of people who remember this and have written about it. Ricky doesn’t seem to ever dispute this stuff.

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