Ricky Martin Can Still Shake His Bon Bon

We still love our little Puerto Rican bon bon shaker, even though his career is kind of in the toilet. Undeterred by his waning popularity in the United States, he has focused on helping the poor in the Thailand.

Pop star Ricky Martin is well on his way to achieving his goal of building 600 homes for 600 Thai families rendered homeless by the December (04) tsunami – 60 houses have already been built. The singer’s children’s foundation has forged an alliance with housebuilding charity Habitat For Humanity in a bid to rehouse as many displaced families as possible. And, in less than a year, work has started on almost half the homes, and Martin has just handed over the keys to 60 new properties which his foundation has helped to build.

The singer admits the job wasn’t as tough as he had initially thought it would be when he set himself the challenge – because Thai government officials have gone out of their way to help.He explains, “I have to thank the government of Thailand because they donated the land. They got the land ready for us to start building on.”

We applaud Ricky for helping the Tsunami ravaged country. If you’re feeling the love for Ricky, he really could use a few people to purchase his new CD.

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