Ricky Martin Wants You To Dance To ‘Vida’, Goes Shirtless All In The Name Of Beauty

Ricky Martin GIFs
We celebrate our Ricky Martin love with 15 GIFs!
Have you already done it? Have you danced up a storm to Ricky Martin’s World Cup song “Vida”?

Because that’s what Ricky wants you to do. The singing sensation was all over the Sirius stations today promoting his new song. I was lucky enough to catch a few minutes him chatting about the song this morning, where I also learned that he was on The Love Boat. It was a magical time.

But if dancing isn’t your speed, how about some shirtless Ricky to brighten your day? 

He posted this photo on Instagram yesterday with the caption, “Being pampered by @hanic_makeup_lashes #facemask #lipmask #handmask gotta love it. #promoUSA”

He looks like some sort of well built horror movie villain. He looks like Michael Myers from Halloween! Except way, way hotter. Also, can we talk about how pretty his smile is? So happy, so pure. So lovely.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of RIcky and his smile doing their promotional duties today. And here’s something for you to dance to.