Ricky Martin Told Stop Promoting His Sexuality

April 15th, 2011 // 6 Comments

Ricky Martin, above performing on stage at Casino Rama during his tour in Orillia, Ontario, is under fire for his sexuality by some clergy from his native Puerto Rico.  Two major Puerto Rican church figures want Martin to stop promoting his sexuality.  This isn’t the first time someone has blasted Martin after he came out as a gay man last year.

The Huffington Post states that Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez of San Juan urged Martin to stop promoting his sexuality, claiming he needs to think about his children.  Pastor Wanda Rolon, from a northern Puerto Rican church, said, “Ricky Martin wants to take people to hell!” on her Facebook page, “RM is its ambassador.”  Pastor Rolon enjoys keeping it classy on her social networks “groups” pages.  She won’t let any Ricky Martin fans added as admin to her church’s page.

Last month, Martin was honored at The GLAAD  Awards for his work as a gay rights advocate in Latin America.  Martin has been open about his sexuality for over a year, has published a book about his life and has had many people thanking him for helping them understand acceptance and for being an advocate for the gay community.

By Caitlin Tadlock

  1. Tina

    Go Ricky, go!!!

  2. RJ

    Ricky IS thinking about his children… the Cardinal should not be.

  3. RexTrek

    Yea Ricky…Stop being sooo Open….so Bigots like this Cardinal Can Continue to Preach Discrimination from his pulpit..and his lemmings aka Followers can carry on the tradition of Harrassing and Discriminating against you,.and your children..all under the guise of Religion.

  4. RoseyReporter

    Go! Go! Go! Ricky. I love you. Right from the first time I saw you preform Living La Vida Loca. Keep being honest and happy with whom you are, for you and your twins, that’s more than I can say for all the cardinals and priests. Yeah, I was brought up by a very strict Catholic church and the things I have seen privately when no one thought there was someone looking are utterly discussing, so who the hell is the cardinal to tell you or anyone else to lie about who they really are. Hypocrites.

  5. ricky martin black leather jacket leather pants tour concert facial hair
    Bruce Mayhall
    Commented on this photo:

    Thanks for the hot pictures of Ricky — nice bulge!
    As for the Archbishop, I agree that Ricky should think of his children — and keep them away from the perverts in the Roman Catholic clergy since the Archbishop and his co-equal Bishop of Rome fail so miserably to do so! As for promoting his sexuality, we hear nothing from the Archbishop when it is sleezy women flaunting their naked breasts and their serial marriages, not necessarily in that order. I say the Archbishop should keep his hypocritical mouth shut.

  6. Rush

    You Go Ricky!!! Never, EVER hide who you are!!! All those bigots are promoting is pure and simply HATE! Thanks to those who share their mentality are mainly responsible for the bashing, bullying and hate toward LGBT around the world. I’m a PFLAG and proud of my children whom, by the way, are ALL LGBT.

    P-R-I-D-E ! ! ! ! !

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