Ricky Martin, Richard Armitage & Luke Evans Light Up The 40 Principales Awards In Spain

Ricky Martin GIFs
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Do you think the folks at the 40 Principales Awards read my diary? Because how else would they know to put Ricky Martin, Richard Armitage and Luke Evans on the same red carpet?

And have Richard and Luke present Ricky Martin with an award. It’s just…thank you earth. The three super hotties hit the red carpet last night in Madrid, Spain for the award show by the musical radio station Los 40 Principales.

So, what snazzy award did Ricky win? 

As he always should, Ricky took home the Best International Artist Award. I really wish there was video of his win/of Richard and Evan giving him the award. I bet it was magical.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet and a few from the show. Side note: will you be seeing The Hobbit today? Did you already see it? I’m so excited!!!