Ricky Martin Opens Up To Details About His Sex Life, Fatherhood And Gay Marriage

Meet the twins!
Matteo and Valentino Martin.
In a recent interview with Details magazine, Ricky Martin reveals some juicy details about his relationship with partner Carlos Gonzalez, his life as a dad, and how he manages to fit in a workout!

The latino pop singer stayed low key about his personal life after coming out in 2010, but seems to be getting back to work landing a guest starring role on hit TV series Glee.

During his interview, Martin said that he and Gonzalez are not ready for marriage. He has strong views on marriage equality however, saying it’s not the government’s fault, but more people’s interpretation of what God wants. He believes that people should mind their own business and let him live his life.

More on how Martin handles fatherhood and his sex life after the jump.

The 40-year-old reveals that being a dad is hard work, but helps him stay in shape. He told Details:

I’m a father to two toddlers. And lifting them is a workout – this is biceps, this is triceps. I also try to make love. That helps.

Very interesting method of exercise! The magazine also asked the “She Bangs” singer what was the most romantic thing he’d ever done for a man, and he said that he once “cancelled a show once to be with someone that [he] loved.”