Ricky Martin Just Finished Up ‘The Voice Australia’ And Is Already On His Way To Dubai

Ricky Martin GIFs
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Apparently there’s just no rest for you when you’re the magical man known as Ricky Martin.

The singing superstar quite literally just finished his gig as a judge on The Voice Australia, and was spotted this morning jetting out of Sydney with his two sons. In keeping with our no kids policy, I didn’t include photos of Matteo and Valentino, but I can always direct you to these.

So what is Ricky going to do now that he’s done with TV for a bit? 

Well, according to Twitter he’s got a very busy flight plan.

Think Ricky will get to hang out in Dubai before he’s back on a plane to Madrid? I’ve never been, but people tell me Dubai is crazy awesome. I mean, they have a mall with an indoor ski slope. I don’t even ski and I want to do that.

Hopefully we’ll just be getting more photos of Ricky because he is handsome and I want to stare at him. You can stare at him too by launching the gallery. Think of it as a Tuesday present.