Ricky Martin & Jennifer Lopez Shoot “Adrenalina”, Ricky Wears A Less Futuristic Outfit

Ricky Martin GIFs
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So, can we call Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez the King and Queen of Puerto Rico? Cause I am down for that.

The musical superstars were spotted in Miami this week, shooting the music video for their upcoming song collaboration, “Adrenalina”. We got to see Ricky on the set of the video shoot yesterday, but this is our first look at Jennifer.

And from what I can gather neither of them are as futuristic as Ricky was yesterday. And I love them both. 

Wait, have Ricky and Jennifer collaborated on something before? Obviously I could Google this, but it’s so much more fun when I get one of you who knows everything to tell me. I cannot wait to see this music video. I expect impeccable dance moves. If this is any indication, it should be good.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the Miami set. I think Jennifer is singing in her photos? Yes. How excited are you about “Adrenalina”? Sound off in the comments!