Ricky Martin Is The Hottest Guy In Australia As He Does A Meet & Greet With Fans

Two Ricky Martin posts in one week? How did I get so very lucky.

The singing superstar has been keeping himself pretty busy in Australia this week with the finale of The Voice Australia and now a meet and greet with fans at one of the malls down there. And as it was a Westfield mall in the land where Westfields were created (did you know they’re from Australia?) it was pretty epic indeed.

Also, it’s a testament to Ricky’s hottest that in the country with the most attractive men, he is still the best looking guy there. 

Although he might want to work on his smile a little bit in this photo.

Still handsome, but he just looks pained. Oh, and remember that whole “Ricky Martin will do anything you want him to if you win this charity contest” thing? It seems someone won. I want her to document the whole experience.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Ricky being cute with his fans. And just for good measure, here’s the music video for “Vida”, Cause I can pretty much watch it everyday.