Ricky Martin Is Now Sporting The Drop Crotch Pants Look, Knows How To Be Gracious With Fans

Two Ricky Martin posts in one week? How did I get so lucky?

The singing superstar was spotted in Milan yesterday, sporting the drop crotch pants look while doing some shopping. He and Jared Leto are definitely the only two celebrities I can think of that can pull it off. And they can pull off the skirt look. I don’t why that’s a thing, but they’re owning it.

While heading back to his car, Ricky was greeted by a few fans and was more than happy to stop and chat with them. 

That’s honestly my favorite thing about Ricky Martin. Sure he’s crazy talented, but he’s also super nice. Like, you know that if you met him in person, your idea of him would not be shattered. And isn’t that always fun?

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the singer in Milan. He will bring you joy. Sadly, we still don’t have video of his World Music Awards performance to bring you more joy. But it’s OK, because we love him anyway.