Ricky Martin Got Good Vibes From His Egg Donor

Ricky Martin opened up about how he chose the woman who would effectively be the mother of his children. Martin conceived his two twins sons by invitro fertilization, using both an egg donor and a surrogate.

“I sat in front of the computer and I started searching. It definitely was a very beautiful journey,” Martin said of his search. “It’s a vibe thing, you know. In this case, it was like, I feel something in her eyes and her smile. Then you read the profile and you read her letter, and where she goes to school and she’s very beautiful. And she is smart as well.”

He said becoming a father was a miracle to him.

When first saw the newly-delivered boys he remembers thinking, “This is real. Woah! OK, perfect. So I want to hold them. I need to hold them. I went to my room and the nurse gave them to me and I started holding them and I was like, ‘This is amazing. I mean, it feels incredible. There is a God. This is miraculous and they do look like me.”

Martin’s memoir Me came out this week, which he is pictured signing yesterday in New Jersey, and details his decision to come out and raise a family. He added in the interview that yes he does sing them to sleep! He sings, “very typical Spanish songs – lullaby-ish songs or, you know, I can go back to classic rock once and a while.” Lucky boys!