Ricky Martin Gets Adorable For ‘El Hormiguero’, Really Enjoys Two Puppets Singing & Dancing To ‘Vida’

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Did you think that Ricky Martin could get any more adorable?

I did not. And then I saw these photos from his visit to the show El Hormiguero in Spain yesterday. And I became obsessed! Then I did something I rarely do: I actually looked up video from his visit.

Umm, have you guys ever seen this show? I’ve spent countless hours staring at photos from it, but I’ve never watched it. It’s amazing! There are crazy looking puppets! Dancing to “Vida”! And Ricky is loving it! 

You can watch the video below, and please watch the whole thing, it’s totally worth it. So, after the World Cup is over and Ricky no longer has to go sing “Vida” everywhere, are we going to see less of him? Because that makes me sad. I want all Ricky all the time. Who’s with me?!

I know you are! And I know you’re going to launch the gallery to check out all the hilarious photos from El Hormiguero. The video is below for your viewing pleasure. And auditory pleasure because you get to hear Ricky speaking Spanish. Oh yes!