Ricky Martin, Dianna Agron, Leonardo DiCaprio & More Of The Fashion Elite Celebrate Giorgio Armani

Ricky Martin GIFs
We celebrate our Ricky Martin love with 15 GIFs!
You may more may not know this, but yesterday, October 24, was Giorgio Armani day in New York City.

It’s true! Even Mayor Bloomberg dedicated the day to the famous designer. To honor himself, Armani staged on of his “One Night Only” events, inviting 700 of his closest friends. I wanna have 700 close friends.

Especially if one of them is Ricky Martin. The singer was being his dashing self, pairing a sexy black suit with the most amazing scarf I have seen in awhile. It is just so beautiful. You know what else was really beautiful? 

Dianna Agron’s outfit. The Gleeactress kept it pretty covered up, and still managed to look elegant in her knee-length black dress. There’s something very 1940s about it that I love. All she’s missing is a hat.

Also, is it just me or does Leonardo DiCaprio look a little meh? Like, he just looks so bored with everything. Not as bored as he did here, but still bored. Oh well. He is Leo. He’s allowed to be bored.

Launch the gallery to check out all the other celebs who showed up to celebrate Mr. Armani. If you need any more hot dude incentives, I’m just gonna say two things: Douglas Booth and Johannes Huebl. Have fun!