Ricky Martin And His Unknown Partner Want The Option To Get Married

Ricky Martin continued his press tour for his candid memoir Me making a stop on Extra where he said he wants to be able to marry his partner.

“I want to have that option. I pay my taxes. How come people can have that option and not me?” Martin said. “I guess we’re working on it little by little.” Well said.

However, Martin still has not revealed the identity of his partner. “We know it’ll happen eventually. It’s not something we think about every day,” he said. “We are happy. My kids love him. He loves my kids. We’re in love with each other.”

Martin has said before that he came out for his kids’ sake. He added that he’s not worried about explaining why they only have a dad (Martin used an egg donor): “I am mommy, what’s wrong? I am mommy and daddy.” Aw.