Ricki Lake Just Lets A House Burn Down

You know, you never hear any good news about Ricki Lake when she seems to be in the news. And this time is no different. Over the weekend, a Malibu rental home she was staying at caught fire and was completely destroyed. But, it gets weirder.

She was apparently trying to refill a portable heater (huh? why? in Malibu?) when the house caught fire and she evacuated her family, pets, some personal possessions and even moved the cars. But she apparently made no attempt to put out the fire. And that’s leaving the owners of the home pissed off.

They are considering taking her to court her her apathetic approach toward their home burning down. The LA County Fire Department said it took crews 10 minutes to put out the fire, which was ruled accidental.

You’d think after years of having her own talk show, she’d somehow have seen all the warning signs of something like this…